The Coming Real Estate Crash (Metaverse)

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All over the world, there’s a real estate boom. Properties are overpriced, selling for tens of thousands to millions of dollars… and no, these are not houses in Miami or Tokyo… This is NFT virtual land in the metaverse.

As major names like Meta, Snoop Dogg, Adidas and Atari bought virtual land, some argue that there’s a gold rush for digital properties.

JP Morgan just issued a report stating that they expect the metaverse to generate a trillion dollars per year. Seriously, Trillion with a T. But is virtual land a good investment? Better than physical real estate?

NFT virtual land

The Virtual Gold Rush
0:41 The Metaverse and Real Estate
2:52 Offer
3:17 Understanding Virtual Land
5:15 Risk and Opportunity
6:42 Real vs Virtual Land
10:10 Boom or Bubble?

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