Saudi Arabia launches Hajj on Metaverse shocking the world..

Hajj on metaverse goes viral on the internet. People were curious and want to experience performing Hajj on Virtual Reality or VR. The authorities of the Department of Islamic Sanctuaries in Saudi Arabia, announced the launch of the “Virtual Black Stone” initiative, whereby the stone can be touched virtually via VR technology. The Virtual Black Stone initiative was launched by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, Head of the Presidency for the Affairs of Two Holy Mosque. The initiative consists of a simulation of the main Muslim pilgrimage sites in Mecca that can now be visited from any place. You can now see and touch the stone virtually prior to the pilgrimage to Makkah. However, the initiative of virtual Holy Ka’aba provoked controversy among some Muslims across the globe questioning on social media whether “performing hajj on the metaverse” could be deemed a “real worship.”


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