Invest Answers EPIC Ethereum Price Predictions

I actually think Invest Answers makes a-lot of great content on Crypto. He goes out of his way to invite high profile guest onto his show that have vast amounts of knowledge in this space. I cant figure out why he doesn’t realize or see the potential in a cryptocurrency as powerful as Kadena. This could only means two things. He has an outside agenda or he is a paid actor. or He doesn’t want to admit that he was 100% wrong about every proof of stake pnzinomic crypto he ever promoted. I say that because it took along time for me to admit that I was wrong about 90% of my predictions in the space.
Check out my AVAX COIN BUREAU video. It will help shine some lite into what I mean when I say there Crypto Gurus have outside agendas. Kadena is the most advanced superior technology ever created in the crypto space. You cant love Bitcoin then HATE kadena because its Proof of Work. You cant hate POW because its so much more secure than POS. Proof of Stake deserved its chance. BUT its got to the point where its overwhelming obvious.

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0:00 EPIC Ethereum Price Predictions!
0:30 Ethereum DCF is a Joke.
3:00 No institutional Players will Adopt Ethereums Blockchain
6:00 Kadena will take the Crypto World by Storm!
7:15 Ethereum Price Predictions!
7:50 Hackers Love Solidity and Hate Pact!
8:15 I would Sell my Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche at a Loss.

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