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Will Ethereum Hit $10,000 Before Bitcoin Reaches $100,000? The two biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap could hit big milestones in 2022 if they appreciate the way they did over the past year.

The top dogs of the cryptocurrency market are undeniably Bitcoin ( BTC 1.21% ) and Ethereum ( ETH 1.32% ). There are certainly strong arguments to be made about many smaller digital currencies, especially those that excel in areas where Bitcoin and Ethereum do not at the moment.

However, with a combined market cap of more than $1.4 trillion, the two largest denominations command more than half of the total crypto-market’s $2.4 billion valuation. Put another way, stack all of the market’s other cryptocurrencies together and they’re not as big as the Bitcoin-Ethereum combo.

With this strong history of appreciation, it’s easy to see why volatility-tolerant investors of the two largest cryptocurrencies are eyeing the next big major milestones. Based on Monday morning’s pricing, Bitcoin would have to appreciate by 95% to hit $100,000. Ethereum is a 144% surge away from $10,000.

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