HTC Vive interview | Viverse VR Metaverse!

HTC’s extended reality (XR) wing, HTC VIVE, has begun stepping up efforts to develop key technologies to build the Metaverse and increase accessibility to consumers and enterprises. The recently announced Viverse (by HTC) has been described as a virtual world that will be accessible on a wide range of HTC Vive hardware. Thousands of interactive XR experiences, applications, and games will integrate cryptocurrencies and NFTs and unlike Meta’s (Facebook) Oculus, the Viverse will be a decentralized metaverse.

Guest: Pearly Chen VP at HTC
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00:00 intro
00:27 Pearly Chen
02:10 HTC Viverse
04:55 Metaverse
09:15 VR Products
12:45 Blockchain Gaming
17:02 Hardware Improvements
21:32 Vive Connect Avatars
22:16 Virtual Concerts & Entertainment
26:34 VR Livestreaming
28:00 Creator Adoption Growth
31:31 VeVe Vault NFT Integration
32:47 outro

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~HTC Vive interview | Viverse VR Metaverse!~
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