Ethlas Metaverse | Ethlas Play To Earn | NEW MULTICHAIN Feature LIVE! Check it out!

Ethlas Metaverse | Ethlas Play To Earn | NEW MULTICHAIN Feature LIVE! Check it out!

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Welcome to our Ethlas Metaverse Video!

Ethlas’s new Multichain feature is LIVE! See (0:32) to learn where to find it and WHY IT IS SO GREAT!

Ethlas is a platform that combines casual games, staking, PvP and PvE battles. The metaverse will only expand, so genres and game mechanics will also expand.

How to start playing in Ethlas
There are two variants of having access to Ethlas: as a guest, and as a full user. Guests in comparison with full users cannot save their progress in games. To start playing

Go to the official website and click on «Start Playing Now»;
connect the crypto wallet MetaMask/WalletConnect/Postis.
Despite being officially in the closed beta testing stage, anyone can register and play the available games.

Komos can be equipped with NFTs, for example artefacts and treasures. They make komos more effective in combat and increase their stats. Komos enable players to increase the rewards obtainable from liquidity pool staking, and also enable players to have early unlocking of locked staking rewards.

Komos can level up their abilities through casual gaming in the Training Grounds. Each arcade game is linked to a specific stat of the Komos.

Neon Runner — allows to earn Agility experience;
Cyberpunk 2048 — allows to earn Intelligence experience;
To The Moon — allows to earn Dexterity experience;
Players can also buy NFT-land in the metaverse. Where can be located homes, educational institutions, research laboratories, resource collection sites and much more. Players can hold their own in-game events or visit lands owned by other players. NFT-lands can be traded on the marketplace.

How to earn in Ethlas
Komo Klash
PvE Expeditions and Quests (Campaign)
In campaign mode, players go on quests. Owning specific Elemental NFTs may unlock campaign missions in each realm.

PvE Deities (Co-op Boss Battle)
Players can band together to battle Deities that threaten the freedom of their Komos. Komos that participate in and collectively defeat a Deity will gain experience and also other rewards — GEMs, element-specific skill packs, in-game consumables and items.

PvP (Arena)
Players can bring their team of 3 Komos into the battle Arena, where they will have the opportunity to enter a weekly championship and battle against one another to earn rewards.

Engagement Rewards
Wheel of Fortune
Users can receive free spins each day. They can buy additional golden wheel spins in the marketplace with GEMs. These spins give the opportunity to earn GEMs, energy and NFTs.

Players who rank in the Top 500 positions in the Training Grounds will receive GEM rewards.

They are timed competitions that players can enter by paying a fixed entry fee in GEMs. Players who achieve top ranks in the tournaments share the aggregated pot of GEMs. Komo NFT holders can take part in supersized tournaments with a supersized rewards pool.

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