CBC News: The National | Liberal-NDP deal, Canadian sniper, Metaverse real estate

March 22, 2022 | How a deal between the Liberals and the NDP is shaking up Parliament Hill. A Canadian sniper fighting in Ukraine debunks rumours of his own death. Plus, a real estate boom in the metaverse.

00:00 The National for March 22, 2022
01:00 Liberal NDP political agreement
03:40 Impact on Conservative leadership race
05:51 Deal comes with dental care program
08:10 Liberal-NDP deal promises
10:33 PM Trudeau travels to Brussels
10:51 Russia’s war on Ukraine
11:40 The fight for Ukraine’s cities
14:17 Caught up in Russia disinformation
16:36 Russia-Ukraine war divides Latvia
18:57 More jail time for Alexei Navalny
20:17 Clinton, Psaki test positive for COVID-19
20:41 U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings
23:01 Quebec to hand out $500 payments
23:37 CP Rial workers back on the job
24:40 At Issue: The Liberal-NDP deal
32:20 At Issue: What the deal means for Conservatives
37:22 Texas driver caught in a tornado
37:48 Blue Jays use new pitch-signalling button
40:21 Metaverse real estate boom
43:34 The Moment

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